About Me

I’m a long-time resident of Vilnius, Lithuania, and have been studying, traveling around, and writing about Eastern Europe for even longer.

Though they are no longer off the beaten path, the countries of the Baltics and Eastern Europe are still underrated. On these pages, I offer a deeper look into what the former Eastern Bloc countries have to offer those who seek to discover them.

Local Perspective

Being based in Vilnius, Lithuania, gives me an insider’s perspective of the region.

Experience-based information

I share real-world knowledge about the places I love the most. I also have master’s-level education in Eastern Europe/Russia Studies and Journalism and was formerly the expert writer for Eastern Europe for a successful information network.

Modern Take

Eastern Europe may have been shaped by history, but I reveal what makes it attractive to travelers today. I also explore how culture and traditions, developed over generations, continues to be relevant in these societies.