Vilnius Annual Events: Festivities Throughout the Year

The Vilnius annual events calendar is full of fun—sometimes free—events that take advantage of all four seasons. It’s impossible to list all of them, but these are some of my favorites. Take a look at the events and festivals that take place every year in Vilnius to see if they coincide with your visit to the Lithuanian capital city! Or schedule a trip especially for one of these events, such as St. Casimir’s Fair or Christmas in the Capital.

Vilnius Book Fair

I would be remiss to forget to mention Vilnius’s annual book fair, which takes place at the end of February at LitExpo. While it may be of more interest to locals due to the prevalence of Lithuanian-language books, it attracts such a large, diverse crowd that English, Russian, and other languages are represented to some extent, too, with talks by local authors and presentations about new publications.

Kaziuko Muge—St. Casimir’s Fair

St. Casimir’s Fair happens in March, and it fills Old Town Vilnius’s streets with vendors selling all types of handmade goods, from baskets to sausages, from designer clothing to fine jewelry. This three-day event attracts a huge crowd and becomes even more appealing if spring comes early. The weather may still be chilly during this event, but it doesn’t keep people from enjoying this highly anticipated event.

Amber Trip

Amber Trip, which takes place in LitExpo, is a weekend exposition of all things amber, the national jewel of Lithuania. While plenty of Baltic amber is exhibited, purveyors of amber from all over the world arrive to show off and sell their specimens and jewelry. It’s an entry into a warm and softly glowing world of craftsmanship.

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Kino Pavasaris

Lithuania’s Cinema Spring is a highly anticipated event that stretches over a couple of weeks towards the end of March and beginning of April. It features local and international films, shorts, and documentaries, with many being preceded by presentation by the filmmakers themselves. It takes place in various theaters around the city.

Easter in Vilnius

Lithuania is a traditionally Catholic country, so Lithuanian Easter is typically an event celebrated with families. However, the city perks up with spring colors and the lively verbos or Easter palms, can be seen as people attend church services. (Choose from an enormous array of verbos at Kaziuko Muge!)

Wine Days

Vyno Dienos, or Wine Days, is when wine lovers come together to sample wine from various parts of the world. Wine from Southeastern Europe, Georgia, Romania, and other non-Western countries is represented here. One ticket gives you a glass and your choice of wine tasting. You’ll definitely need to arrange for a taxi to get you to and from LitExpo, where this event has taken place in the most recent years.

Open House Vilnius

Open House Vilnius is for architecture lovers. Taking place typically in late spring, Vilnius’s most notable buildings are open to the public via tours given by a group of volunteers. Peer behind usually closed doors to learn the secrets of what the historic buildings of Vilnius are hiding!

Culture Night

Culture Night, one of summertime’s best events, is a program of free events happening all over the city—from live music performances to modern dance. Museums and other cultural institutions also open their doors to present to visitors what they have to offer. Culture Night takes advantage of the long summer days and is well attended every year.

Culture Night in Vilnius

Capital Days

Sostines Dienos, or Capital Days, is an open-air market and series of events that celebrates Vilnius in the best way possible. As summer turns to fall and students return from their break, Gedimino Avenue becomes a place to buy traditional souvenirs, enjoy local snacks, and listen to music.


Scanorama is another extremely popular film festival—so popular, your friends may disappear for the time of the festival only to resurface with the need to talk about what they saw.

Vilnius Christmas Events

Christmas in the Capital is a month-long affair, starting with the international charity bazaar the first weekend and ending with the New Year’s Eve celebrations—and even continuing with the procession of the Three Kings in January. You’ll also be able to enjoy markets, Christmas lights, music concerts, and more during the festive winter season. Christmas events in Vilnius make the whole city sparkle!

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