Visiting Anyksciai: Things to Do

Anyksciai and the surrounding region makes a pleasant weekend trip for travelers to Lithuania who are looking to get outside of Vilnius and want to explore the natural landscape. Located in the northeastern part of Lithuania on the Sventoji River, it sits among forests, lakes, and small towns and villages with pretty main streets.

Several attractions are situated in Anyksciai Regional Park and in the surrounding villages. Some sights are a bit quirky, but if you’re into local history, the beauty of the forest, and the hidden treasures of less-visited areas, Anyksciai may be a Lithuanian city right up your alley.

The Lithuanian town of Anyksciai

Anyksciai Church

The most notable attraction in Anyksciai is its church, which is the tallest in Lithuania with 79-meter spires reaching up into the air. For a small fee, you can climb the 186 steps to the top of the church for panoramas. If you prefer not to subject yourself to this height, you can explore this early 20th-century church for free. Also recommended is following the main street to where it crosses the river so you can get a lovely perspective of the Sventoji River with the church spires in the distance.

Treetop Walking Path and Anyksciai Regional Park

In the village of Dvaroniai, the treetop walking path is a favorite fine-weather attraction for those who want to get a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding nature. You’ll first pass the Puntukas stone, remarkable for being the second-largest boulder in a very flat Lithuania, then climb the path towards the entry to the walking path. Pay a euro to enter and enjoy the sturdy, well-built canopy walkway that leads to an observation deck and tower. The length of the path is not long, but the views are calming and the pine-scented air refreshing.

Be aware that, in addition to walking to get to the Treetop Walking Path, on fine days, you may have to park a ways away. While parking is free, it has been arranged to line the drive up to the entrance to the walking path—and it’s all parallel parking!

Observation Tower in Bijeikiai

If you’re into observation towers and panoramas, the tower in Bijeikiai offers a different perspective than the treetop walking path. Here, from atop the hill where the tower has been placed, you will see the lakes with their islands spread out among the naturally green landscape and a hint of civilization—represented by the distant church towers of nearby towns—recall details of a painting.

Burbiskis Manor

The 19th-century Neoclassical Burbiskis Manor, located in Burbiskis village, is now a restaurant and a museum, but it can still be explored by visitors. Take in the elegant dining halls and sitting areas, and peer into a classroom decorated as it would have looked in the Soviet era. Then, climb the stairs and have a peek in the bedrooms that preserve the look and feel of the last century. A rose garden in the front is a fragrant welcome to visitors, and benches outside beckon sunbathers and those who like to settle into a good book. The peaceful setting and the historic elements of the manor’s décor allow you to escape from the present.

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The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

Anyksciai’s railway station is home to the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, which presents a look at railway history dating to over 100 years ago. Visitors can even try their hand at operating a handcar or railway tricycle. And from May to October, when the train is working, it’s possible to take a ride on the historic train to a point of interest in the region. The train currently works on over 40 miles of track between Rubikiai and Panevezys. Some of the railway stations and tracks of the narrow gauge railway have even been given cultural heritage protection, so important are they to the history and development of the region.

Horse Museum

Just 8 km from Anyksciai, the Horse Museum explores how horses have been used in Lithuania and was founded by a horse lover who, in the 1970s, decided to journey across Lithuania on horseback. In the 11 buildings of the Horse Museum, visitors will learn about the evolution of horses, how horses are cared for, what types of transportation horses have pulled throughout history, and other horse-related information. The Horse Museum honors the place this animal has had in the agriculture, daily life, and the economy of Lithuania. Of course, you can also get up close and personal with the live horses at the horse museum.

Kalita Hill

The Kalita Entertainment and Sports Center is a family-friendly entertainment complex famous for its roller coaster. Other attractions include children’s play areas, a virtual reality experience, and climbing activities. In the winter, people can ski on the Kalita Hill slope.

Labyrinth Park

Labyrinth Park has been made famous by its large mazes. Find your way through foliage grown and cut to form giant labyrinths or enjoy one of the other activities, many of which are focused on children’s fun. Visiting this family-friendly activity complex is a pleasant way to spend a warm day in the open air, particularly if you have young children.

A visit to the Anyksciai region is well-suited to those who like to walk, like fresh air, and don’t mind short drives between sights. You can also take advantage of walking and biking trails in the area or visit one of the lakes, such as Rubikiai or Nevezos, for water sports, swimming, or simply relaxing by the water. So, wear your walking shoes and comfortable clothing, pack a picnic lunch, slap on some sunscreen, and check the weather forecast to get the most out of your visit to the Anyksciai region of Lithuania.