Best Vilnius Brunch and Breakfast Spots

The Vilnius brunch and breakfast scene has improved over the last several years. And while many restaurants serve only breakfast foods during brunch time, the selection on brunch menus is also improving.

However, the best brunches and breakfasts in Vilnius, unless the restaurant is in a hotel or actively promotes its brunch menu, may only be served on weekends—or Saturday or Sunday only!—so do check before you settle on getting breakfast or brunch during the weekday. (Hint: Best options for weekday brunches in Vilnius include Kavos Era, Pinavija, Pilies Kepyklele, and DLYPSN [Daily Poison]).

In general, bakeries are not included on this list due to their relative ubiquity throughout the city. If you are looking for a grab-and-go coffee and pastry, you won’t have any problems finding such options. However, knowing where to go for a relaxed sit-down breakfast or brunch experience may be more challenging. The best Vilnius, Lithuania, brunch spots follow:

Bakery sign reading "Pilies Kepykla"
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14 Horses

14 Horses is a restaurant in Senator’s Passage that serves the brunch to end all brunches. At 30 EUR, it is also the most expensive brunch you will encounter in Vilnius. However, if you’re a foodie, the full buffet spread of dishes made from seasonal and locally grown ingredients may be right up your alley. 14 Horses is also one of the only true brunch (rather than late breakfast) spots in Vilnius, with salads, meat, marinated veggies, fruit bow.s, and desserts as a part of the selection.

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Drama Burger Vilnius Brunch

Drama Burger is, by now, a Vilnius institution. The most successful establishment to arise out of the Vilnius burger trend of the mid-2010s, Drama Burger is a mainstay for those craving protein with a side of starch—but who want to stay casual, too.

Drama Burger’s brunch and breakfast offerings include a breakfast burger, pancakes, and the Drama breakfast, which is like English breakfast with the Drama twist (chorizo sausage, roasted portobello mushroom). Also try the eggs Benedict made with the house-made pastrami.

Gedimino pr. 31

Café Montmarte

Head over to Montmarte for a Vilnius brunch of salad niçoise, English breakfast, or eggs Benedict. Montmarte is especially nice during the summer when its patio seating is open.

Enjoy a lazy weekend afternoon basking in the sun with a glass of prosecco or French wine.

Didzioji g. 40

An outdoor cafe with red tablecloths and awning
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Cozy is one of those places you can’t avoid in Vilnius with its prime location on Dominikonu Street and its affordable prices. You can choose from a full English or continental breakfast, oatmeal, or omelet with a large selection of possible additions. Outdoor seating available during the summer months. Cozy opens at 8:30 every morning, so whether you’re in town for business or fortifying yourself for a day of sightseeing, Cozy will get you off to the right start.

Dominikonu g. 10

Meat Steakhouse

Meat Steakhouse, located across the river, is known for its myriad eggs Benedict choices. But also consider the shakshuka, Turkish poached eggs and yogurt, English breakfast, and Lithuanian-style poached eggs with potato waffle. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

A. Juozapavičiaus g. 13

Daily Poison (DLYPSN)

This hipster spot—in fact, it’s so cool that its name is shortened on social media as DLYPSN, rendering it nigh-well unfindable for the unaware—serves spirulina bowls and all manner of  egg dishes. And don’t forget avocado toast! Daily Poison is one of the only dedicated breakfast restaurants in Vilnius, which means the dining area is often full and wait times long. Opens at 7:30 am on the weekdays and 9:00 am on weekends.

J. Jasinskio g. 14A-101

Augustas and Barbora Love Story Café

This small Stikliu Street café has become Instagram famous with the clouds of silk flowers that burst out of its entryway and decorate the ceilings. But don’t be put off by all the frills. One of the friendliest and most popular spots in Vilnius for drinks, coffee, and cakes (and maybe a diamond ring or bracelet if you’re so inclined to peruse the jewelry selection there), it also serves a royal breakfast of salad, spreads, and bread and other breakfast menu items. If you can get in, you’ll want to stay awhile.

Stikliu g. 7


Sugamour may seem so sweet it makes your teeth hurt, but the spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas mean that if you have exhausted all of your other options, you may be able to do an eggs Benedict, breakfast pastry, or omelet here.

Vokieciu g. 11


Pinavija is a pretty little centrally located bakery with plenty of carb options to tempt you. However, it also makes a range of breakfast dishes from eggs to pancakes to salmon salad and bagels. If it’s too early for sweets, you may want to take a slice of cake to go!

Vilniaus g. 21

Vilnius brunch cafe exterior with tables
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Elska Coffee

Elska Coffee is a friendly café attached to an art gallery that prepares simple weekend breakfast and brunch options such as avocado toast, eggs, and croissants. It’s another popular spot that has more seating in the summertime but that can get crowded easily.

Pamenkalnio g. 1

Pilies Kepyklele

A Vilnius mainstay, this bakery and café on the main tourist street is charming and inviting. Simple food options are available here, from breakfast pastries to omelets to salads. You’ll feel like you’re in Grandma’s kitchen with the homey décor and mismatched furniture.

Pilies g. 19

Old sign for a restaurant on a Vilnius street
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Panama Food Garden

This restaurant in Zverynas is a Vilnius favorite, both for its atmosphere and for its menu. Sunday brunch is a fresh offering with plenty of vegetables and thoughtfully created dishes, such as poached eggs with beetroot-marinated salmon and shakshuka.

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Kavos Era

At Kavos Era, nice-quality, no-nonsense breakfast and brunch options at a sensible price point are the name of the game. Fortify yourself for a day of shopping at its location at Panorama shopping center in Zverynas or stop by one of the other locations in Vilnius old town.

Savanorių pr. 6

Uptown Bazaar

Panorama Shopping Center

The Town Steakhouse

The Town restaurant is a favorite weekend breakfast spot and so popular that you’ll need a reservation. The menu items, which include steak, yogurt and granola, buttermilk pancakes, omelets, are reasonably priced. The restaurant has upstairs and downstairs seating and is great for groups. Saturday “late breakfast” only, 11:00 to 1:30.

Gedimino pr. 26


Yellow: Summertime Rooftop Vilnius Brunch

Yellow specializes in small portions—think brunch with tapas. Order as much or as little as you like according to a menu with tiered pricing, which reaches beyond eggs into the realm of salads, salsa, and sausage. The cheerful interior and round tables are  great for groups that want to gab.

In the summertime, the rooftop terrace of this Vilnius brunch spot is open. It offers views of the city that you can enjoy while sipping a mimosa or cappucino.

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Gedimino pr. 44a


Gaspar’s continues to make a name for itself on the Vilnius food scene. This tiny restaurant continues to get rave reviews and its brunch is no exception. A carefully crafted menu features banana and coconut pancakes, avocado toast with octopus, Masala omelet with caviar, and vegetarian English breakfast, among other items. Gaspar’s brunch is served from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sundays only. Book in advance in order to get a table.

Pylimo g. 23-3

Taste Map

Taste Map has a brief breakfast/brunch menu, but it should please those of different dietary persuasions—the eggs Benedict even has a keto version with the bread replaced by a zucchini pancake! While sitting outside facing the busy road might be less than ideal, the friendly service, options nodding to the low-carb crowd, and bustling atmosphere more than make up for it.

Of course, Taste Map made a name for itself with coffee, so you’re likewise unlikely to be disappointed in that department.

M. K. Čiurlionio g. 8,

Vilnius brunch and breakfast options continue to expand, with increasingly more restaurants cashing in on the popularity of the early meal, particularly on weekends. If you’re in Vilnius, give any of the above options a try to start your day off right.