Best Time To Visit Vilnius: Season-by-Season Guide

For what month should you plan your trip to Lithuania? Is there a best time to visit Vilnius? What can you expect from each month in this Baltic capital city?

Many people say that the best time to visit Vilnius is in the summer or late spring/early fall. That means the months of May, June, July, August, and September. It is true that these are the warmest, sunniest months of the year. But is it really the best time to visit Vilnius?

Let’s find out.

Summertime Travel to Vilnius

Summertime offers the most obvious benefits for travel to Northern Europe. This might be the best time to travel to Vilnius for you—or it may not, depending upon your preferences.


  • The typically sunny days are long, with a sun that sets very late in the evening and rises very early in the morning.
  • Warm weather means you can pack lighter and you don’t have to worry so much about bringing along weatherproof clothing and shoes.
  • Blue skies and plenty of light make photos striking.
  • The city is blooming flowers, and fountains splash on the squares.
  • Restaurant terraces welcome diners.
  • Plenty of festivals and other outdoor events.


  • Though Vilnius doesn’t get overcrowded with tourists, summer is the most touristy time of year, so you may encounter tour groups when you visit certain sights and attractions.
  • Hot spells, combined with high humidity, can make summertime travel exhausting or dangerous.
  • Prices are higher for accommodation.
  • Accommodation can lack essentials for getting a good night’s sleep during this time of year, such as adequate air conditioning or airflow and blackout curtains.

Vilnius in June: Summer really kicks off in June, with Midsummer’s Day coinciding roughly with the summer solstice marking the lightest and longest days of the year. Many people consider June to be the best time to visit Vilnius.

Vilnius in July: Outdoor music festivals at various venues around Vilnius means you’ll never have a boring evening during your visit. Book tickets in advance for the best chance of getting a good seat for classical and other concerts happening around the city.

Vilnius in August: August maintains the warm temperatures and sunny weather of summer, making it a great time to visit if you don’t mind warmer weather conditions. This month is also excellent for exploring the rest of Lithuania or taking a day trip from Vilnius.

A fountain in Old Town Vilnius
Summertime is a great time to visit Vilnius. Photo by The Northern Vox

Fall Travel to Vilnius

A visit to the Lithuanian capital in the fall can be lovely for many reasons! September and October may be the best time to travel to Vilnius in the autumn, but November doesn’t typically see snow yet, so it may also be a viable option.


  • You’ll experience cooler temperatures than in the summer.
  • The golden light of autumn and the turning leaves create stunning city scenes and amazing photos.
  • Tourist numbers are beginning to thin.
  • Indoor and outdoor seating at restaurants possible.


  • Days begin to grow shorter and nights become cooler.
  • The deeper into autumn you travel, the more likely you’ll encounter cloudy skies, cold weather, or winter-like conditions.
  • Landscaping begins to be pruned back and leaves fall from trees, which may make the city look starker.

Vilnius in September: September in Vilnius kicks off with a celebration of the capital with Capital Days, complete with outdoor market and associated entertainment. September is a beautiful time to travel to Lithuania—the trees may just be turning but the weather holds its summer warmth. Those who love fall travel will find September to be the best time to visit Vilnius.

Vilnius in October: Local festivals are a joy to experience indoors and outdoors as the weather cools.

Vilnius in November: November may seem a dreary time to visit Vilnius, but it doesn’t have to be. The city doesn’t allow darkening days and colder weather to interrupt its sense of fun, and plenty of concerts and performances take place in the city’s venues, while bars and restaurants are packed full on nights and weekends as people relax indoors.

Fall in Vilnius may be the best time to visit Vilnius
Vilnius is gorgeous in the fall season. Photo by The Northern Vox

Winter Travel to Vilnius

Though you may shudder at visiting in the winter, this may actually be the best time to visit Vilnius! You’ll see the city as the locals experience it year in and year out, may get the benefit of enjoying the city blanketed in white, and will be one of the few tourists who travel to the Baltic countries during this time of year. Plus, Vilnius is big on Christmas festivities. Its Christmas tree is regularly ranked as one of Europe’s most beautiful.


  • Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve celebrations light up the dark nights and fill them with cheer.
  • Culture doesn’t stop even during the winter, and plenty of options for operas or ballets or other cultural events are made available.
  • Accommodation is the cheapest during this time of year as hotels and private apartments compete for your dollars.
  • Restaurants and bars are cozy and full of bustle and activity—a little darkness, a little cold never stopped anyone from going out and having a good time.
  • Dressing for winter in the Baltics is only takes a bit of forethought.


  • The most obvious con is that winters in Lithuania can be cold, wet, snowy, and icy.
  • Days are short, with the sun setting before 4pm in the deepest part of winter.
  • Flights may not be as available if you are coming from another European country.

Vilnius in December: December is the best time to visit Vilnius is for those who love all things Christmas. Christmas markets, Christmas trees, and a Christmas train are just a part of the celebrations that run through this month. The weather may be chilly, but the spirit of Christmas in Lithuania is warm and inviting!

Vilnius in January: January holidays center around wrapping up the Christmas season and recognizing important dates in the city’s history, such as the January 13 crackdown by Russian troops in Vilnius of those who were in favor of Lithuania’s independence as well as the day that marks the founding of Vilnius.

Vilnius in February: Besides the international Valentine’s Day, when you visit Vilnius in February, you may be able to enjoy Lithuania’s carnival celebrations, witness ceremonies associated with Lithuania’s first independence day, and warm yourself with Lithuania’s hearty national dish, cepeliniai.

An arched bridge over a frozen river covered in snow
Visit Vilnius in winter for the full Northern Europe experience. Photo by The Northern Vox

Spring Travel to Vilnius

Considering visiting Vilnius in spring? This season is a good one when you’re deciding when to visit Vilnius. While wet weather may be an issue, the city awakens after the winter freeze as it moves towards summer.


  • Lengthening days make this time of year a hopeful one.
  • The likelihood of snowfall and cold weather begins to lessen.
  • Accommodations may still be less expensive than during the summer.


  • Wet weather can be expected during this time of year.
  • March and April may still see some snow, though it is less likely to stick around than it is in the winter.

Vilnius in March: March is packed full of holidays and events. Though International Women’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day may be more universal holidays, an important national holiday that falls during this month is Lithuania’s second independence day. If you travel during March, you may also decide to have your trip coincide with the always exciting Kaziukas Fair or the large spring cinema festival.

Vilnius in April: You may be able to enjoy Easter festivities in April, depending upon when it falls, along with some city-specific events. Trees begin to bloom, and the annual blossoming of the cherry trees is an event that often occurs during this month.

Vilnius in May: Look out for local festivals during this month, and be mindful that Lithuania celebrates Labor Day on May 1. Because it’s before the high travel season, many people find May to be the best time to visit Vilnius.

Flowering trees in front of houses with a picket fence
Spring is when the flowers start to bloom in Vilnius, including in the neighborhood of Zverynas. Photo by The Northern Vox

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