A Guide to the Best Czech Souvenirs: Locally Made Products to Buy

The Czech Republic offers good shopping opportunities for those who love the idea of finding meaningful, high-quality, and culturally significant souvenirs and gifts from their travels.

Discover Czech folk art, beautiful products for the home, or wearable souvenirs and gifts. Discover the best Czech souvenirs!

Shop sign says "Souvenirs of Prague"
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Easter Eggs

Czech Easter eggs, while seemingly too precious to try to get home in one piece actually make lovely souvenirs from the Czech Republic.

Sellers know that the eggshells – while not as delicate as might be expected – are still fragile. That’s why they’ll pack them in boxes that will keep them stable and protected. The eggs won’t withstand crushing, but carefully packing them in your carry-on luggage will give them a good chance of making the journey home in one piece.

You’ll have a significant selection to choose from around Easter time, when Prague Easter markets and those through the Czech Republic showcase the best of egg artists’ collections. In various colors and decorated with different techniques, these Czech souvenirs can be hung on an Easter tree or displayed year round.

Colorfully decorated grouping of Czech Easter eggs
Photo 213761356 / Czech Easter Egg © Iva Vagnerova | Dreamstime.com


Czech puppets and marionettes have a long tradition. Though the Czech puppet theater may not be as active as it once was, puppet-making workshops are still going strong.

Though potentially one of the more expensive Czech souvenir items, especially if you go for hand-carved and articulated marionettes, Czech puppets have the potential to be heirloom items able to be passed down through generations.

Furthermore, they come in various iterations, from classic Czech characters to those from popular culture or from serious to silly. You’ll have no problem choosing one that suit your personality or that of the recipient.

Czech Marionettes at Nerudova 51 in Prague has a good selection.

Three girl puppets from the Czech Republic
Photo 133851898 / Czech © Photosimo | Dreamstime.com

Indigo Block Printing

Modrotisk, or indigo block printing, makes an excellent souvenir from the Czech Republic.

This style of fabric printing uses a carved wooden block to apply a resist paste to blue dyed fabric. When the paste is washed away, the pattern carved onto the block can be seen in the fabric.

This long tradition is upheld by two workshops in the Czech Republic: the Danziger workshop and the Joch workshop. These workshops produce authentic modrotisk using traditional techniques, and if you’re in the area, you can certainly visit them.

However, even if you don’t visit the workshops, you’ll be able to find examples of indigo block printing in shops selling Czech-made items and souvenirs.

Crystal and Glass

Czech crystal and glass pieces for the home that appeal to various price ranges and personal styles.

Remember that crystal is typically heavier, more sparkly, and contains a higher level of lead than glass. This information may influence your choice of souvenir or factor into your budget.

While you can certainly find Czech glass and crystal at specialty shops, visiting a workshop demonstration or factory tour may create a memorable experience that you will be able to relive through your chosen piece or pieces.

For example, you can explore the technical, historical, and artistic aspects of Moser crystal through a factory tour. This famous glassworks, located in Karlovy Vary, one of the best Czech cities for visitors, offers a variety of experiences depending upon your schedule and level of interest. Enjoy shopping for eye-catching and useful pieces at the tour’s end.

If you’re daunted by the idea of transporting pieces of Czech glass or crystal in your luggage, consider instead purchasing jewelry made of these materials. Sparkling stones, colorful beads, and both modern and classic designs offer plenty of choices.

Czech souvenirs shop display of Bohemian crystal
Photo 22540235 / Bohemian Crystal © Iakov Filimonov | Dreamstime.com

Garnet Jewelry

Czech garnets, or Bohemian garnets, have been appearing in jewelry for centuries. As a source of these dark red, beautiful gemstones, Czechia also has long experience with crafting them into rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and brooches.

However, buyers must beware fake Czech garnets. Due to depletion of their deposits, the true Czech garnet has become a rarer find. Furthermore, these stones are often small, which is why you’ll see many of them grouped together in a single design.

How can you be sure you’re getting the authentic gemstone? It will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity by Turnov Granat, the only certified producer of Czech garnets. You can buy directly from this company or from a company that uses its stones.

If you’re looking for a Czech souvenir as an investment piece, Bohemian garnet jewelry may be just the thing.

Bohemian garnet, moldavit, and silver earrings and ring
Photo 255112782 / Crystal © Mila722 | Dreamstime.com

Wooden toys

Simple, sustainable wooden toys are a hallmark of the Czech souvenir market. Think chunky building blocks, animals on wheels, laser-cut puzzles, and planes with moving propellers.

You’ll find these toys both in bold colors and in styles that let the beauty of the wood take center stage.

Various manufacturers have elevated this craft to a level that appeals to modern sensibilities that still appreciate a classic touch.

For example, Kutulu specializes in these types of toys – all are made in the Czech Republic from locally sourced materials.

Simple wooden toy at an Easter market
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Pottery, Ceramics, and Porcelain

Throughout the Czech Republic, pottery traditions are kept alive by artisans using techniques perfect over centuries and designs and patterns that have come to signify specific regions.

One of the most popular types of ceramics in the Czech Republic (and which also makes an excellent souvenir from Czechia) is the blue-and-white Cibulak porcelain. Visitors can take a tour of the factory in Dubi, where artisans apply hand detailing to delicate pieces produced with the help of machines.

Additionally, handmade ceramics – either those reflecting the imagination of the artist or those maintaining a strong connection with traditional design aesthetics – also make an excellent souvenir from the Czech Republic, whether merely decorative or put to use in the home.

Ceramics stall in outdoor market in Beroun
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Paper Products

Paper products make an excellent souvenir from the Czech Republic. They’re full of personality and easy to pack, whether you’ve snagged a print of your favorite city, a selection of postcards, or unique cards and stationery products.

Porigami products are inspired paper designs and stationery. The company’s architecture cards depict various famous buildings and places in Prague, such as Old Town Prague, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and the Astronomical Clock. The products are sold online as well as in various design stores around Prague.

Bohemia Paper, with a store at the Kinsky Palace in Old Town Prague, began its operations in 1995. It carries fine stationery and cards, invitations, pens, notebooks, and leather goods. Its Prague and Art Nouveau collections reference the Czech Republic.

Czech Cosmetics

Handmade cosmetic products made from natural ingredients are lovely gifts and souvenirs from the Czech Republic that are ideal for those who prefer useful items.

Manufaktura produces cosmetics and home spa products that incorporate elements of Czech nature, from hops to herbs to honey. The shop, which has over 30 years of experience under its belt, also has a selection of products for the home and wooden toys. It has various outlets in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic.

Botanicus grows its own organic herbs and plants that go into its natural cosmetics and food products.  Fragrant soaps, gentle shampoos, and rich lotions are only some examples of what this Czech company offers.

With its main shop in Prague at Týn 3/1049 and shops in Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov, Botanicus is well represented. Those interested can also visit the crafts workshop in the village of Ostra and see how Botanicus creates its wares.

Manufaktura cosmetics shop window
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Where to Buy Czech Souvenirs

You can find souvenirs from the Czech Republic from multiple sources.

One of the best places to find souvenirs is at Czech Christmas markets or Easter markets. Vendors creating handmade items flock to these markets to sell their wares. You’re bound to find special pieces you may not otherwise encounter on your travels.

If you’d rather not load up your suitcase with shopping, you can also find Czech souvenirs online at dedicated shops or via platforms such as Etsy.

When in Prague, shops devoted to Czech-made products are good bets, as well. Consider the following design stores:

  • Czech Design Shop: A wide variety of Czech-made items such as handbags, clothing, jewelry, porcelain and glass, and prints. Vojtěšská 3, Prague 1.
  • Debut Gallery: Edgy designs for the home and unexpected gifts make up this shop’s collection.
  • Deelive: Extensive collection of modern Czech design. Smetanovo nábřeží 4, Prague 1.
  • Kubista: Beautiful gifts and statement pieces for the home. Ovocný trh 19, Prague 1.
  • Modernista: This shop sells reproductions of Czech design as well as items by modern designers in porcelain, glass, jewelry, and wood. Vinohradská 164, Prague 3 and shops at the Municipal House, the House at the Black Madonna, and the Museum of Decorative Arts.
  • Pragtique: A fun shop specializing in Prague-themed gifts and souvenirs, including stationary items and t-shirts. Narodni 37 and Mostecká 20, Prague 1.

The Czech Republic creates so many beautiful, specifically Czech items, you may be spoiled for choice. However, whatever Czech souvenirs you decide on, they are sure to help solidify your memories of your visit to Czechia.

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