Top Lithuanian Candle Brands

You may first associate Lithuania with Lithuanian linen, which is only one of the high-quality products made locally. Lithuanian craftspeople and designers have also gotten into the aromatherapy game with a wide range of high-quality candle brands that create an elegant aura for the home and fit in with modern design. Scents range from those found in nature to complex combinations of aromas that are the signature scents of the Lithuanian candle makers that offer them. Many also utilize various ingredients in their candles, such as soy wax and wooden wicks, to create long-burning candles that can dispel even the deepest Lithuanian winter gloom, which means they’ll work just as well in your neck of the woods!

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If you’re in Lithuania and looking for a gift for a loved one, friend, or yourself, consider picking up a Lithuanian-made candle. It will be a long-lasting souvenir that helps you remember your travels and can be used as a conversation starter when you invite guests over to your house. Lithuanian-made candles can be found in shops such as, the Lithuanian design shop—online and in shopping centers, via individual sellers, or at markets such as the Vilnius Christmas markets or Kaziukas Fair. Many of these candle makers also offer other ways to use their scents, such as through oil diffusers, tea lights, incense, or wax melts.

Look for the following Lithuanian candle brands when you’re in Lithuania:


Smells Like Spells

Lithuanian candle brand Smells Like Spells

Lithuanian candle brand Smells Like Spells

Smells Like Spells is an incredibly successful Lithuanian candle brand with a free-standing shop in Old Town Vilnius, with candles also sold at And it’s no wonder: the original line, Norse Magic, combines the mysticism of Norse mythology with fresh, woodsy scents that send you into a world of pine forests, misty lakesides, and wildflowers. The scents are available as colored free-standing candles etched with runes or white candles poured into a recycled glass bottle that has been cut to the right size and topped with a wooden cover.

The Major Arcana collection is characterized by candles named after tarot cards and are poured into opaque white glass containers. These scents are more complex, and the candles of this collection are twice as pricey as the Norse Magic collection. However, whichever you choose, these high-quality candles will be well appreciated by the receiver and add a touch of magic to any room.



Lithuanian candle brand Hygge

Lithuanian candle brand Hygge

Hygge is a Lithuanian candle brand that, when it appears at the Christmas market in Panorama every year, has trouble keeping its booth stocked. These no-nonsense candles in earthy colors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in addition to smelling good (think berries, fruits, wood, and smoke), they make lovely groupings for the holidays or for everyday use. Their even burning means the melted wax never drips over the sides; instead, an almost lacy effect is created as the fire’s radius leaves a delicate edge of wax around the top of the candle.

Hygge candles are some of the most affordable of the handmade candles from Lithuania, so they make embodying their namesake concept easy, and the muted, earthy colors of the candles fit well with any décor.


Naturalios Idejos

Lithuanian candle brand Naturalios Idejos

Lithuanian candle brand Naturalios Idejos

Naturalios Idejos takes the Lithuanian idea of using natural ingredients to create high-quality useable products and implements it through candles, diffusers, essential oils, and soaps. Complex candle scents such as lemongrass and bergamot, juniper, and tobacco and oak, exude affordable luxury. The fragrances are available in various candles sizes, car fresheners, and oils. The soaps this company offers also incorporate elements from nature, such as honey, charcoal, and even cinnamon and other spices and scents.


Blue Sparrow

Blue Sparrow Candles, with their distinctive tins, have bloomed onto the Lithuanian candle brand scene with scents like Milky Fig, Velvet Oud, and Peony Blossom. As a home-grown candle brand, Blue Sparrow is now available in various outlets, and you may even be able to pick one up at the Vilnius Airport as a last-minute gift!



A.Go candles were some of the first on the Lithuanian luxury candle market. The range is limited to a handful of scents, but it’s guaranteed that you’ll have problems choosing your favorite. Olorel is reminiscent of a night breeze heady with the scent of flowers; Mewango energizes with pepper, spice, and florals; and Raahi is deep and smokey. They are available in small gift tins or larger glass containers.


Amour D’Evil

Amour D’Evil candles feature two collections, the Classic collection and the Amour de Noir collection. The Classic collection features heady, romantic scents that wouldn’t be out of place in a boudoir, beside a bathtub full of bubbles, or in the bedroom. The Amour de Noir collection features more classic combinations of scents, such as Cardamom and Leather, Patchouli and Figs, and White Oak. Fragrance mists and diffusers are also available.


The Scent of Lithuania

The Scent of Lithuania candle and fragrance brand is a unique idea about capturing the essence of Lithuania in a scent. The scent is both woodsy and fresh, subtle and pleasant, and it makes a tasteful, elegant, and surprising souvenir for yourself or anyone who really likes Lithuania and wants to remember their time there. Pegasus bookstores as well as the tourist information center on Pilies Street. carry The Scent of Lithuania candles and fragrances.


Why Do Lithuanian Candles Make Great Travel Souvenirs and Gifts?

Almost everyone likes candles, and they make great gifts and souvenirs. Lithuanian candle brands offer creative fragrance combinations and small-batch quality. Whether you’re into complex fragrances that develop over time or more subtle combinations of scents, Lithuanian candle brands have you covered. They’re easy to pack, often coming in boxes and sturdy glass or metal containers. And, when you unpack, you can “travel from home” by lighting your candle and reliving your nice memories of your adventures. If you find a candle that you or someone you know especially likes, many of the candle makers in Lithuania will ship to the US and elsewhere and even offer gift packaging or gift boxes of several products.