17 Best Lithuanian Cities for Travelers

Looking for things to do in Lithuania? The best Lithuanian cities for visitors are full of character, history, and sights. Though Lithuania is made up of many more cities and towns than the ones listed below, the following may be the most remarkable for tourists.

The top Lithuanian cities allow you to encounter Lithuanian culture, taste different types of Lithuanian food, and learn more about this country on the Baltic Sea.

If you’re considering visiting Lithuania on your next trip, either on its own or as a part of a greater exploration of the Baltics and neighboring countries, you may run across—or choose to visit!—some of the following cities.


Vilnius, as the capital city of Lithuania, is also its largest. This city is where you will likely fly into when you visit Lithuania. Its history and cultural scene are important to the rest of the country. You’ll also find plenty of things to do in Vilnius! The following resources may help you enjoy your visit to Vilnius:

A city square in historical Vilnius, Lithuania


Kaunas, which is a part of the Kaunas Region, is the country’s second city and one of the best Lithuanian cities for visitors. The interwar capital, it also carries weight as a city important to Lithuania’s history. It’s also easy to reach by car, bus, or train, and its airport has connections with other major European cities.

When you visit Kaunas, you’ll be treated to its old town area, complete with a castle by the riverside. Take a stroll down its main boulevard or visit one of its popular museums, such as the Ciurlionis Museum or the Museum of Devils. Kaunas makes an excellent day trip option!

If you’re in Kaunas, you may want to visit Monte Pacis, an award-winning restaurant and hotel in a nearby monastery, all set in beautiful parkland.

A white church in the middle of a leafy square in Kaunas, a top Lithuanian city for visitors


Trakai is one of visitors’ favorite Lithuanian cities to visit and one of Lithuania’s historical capitals. It’s close to Vilnius and features an island castle surrounded by lakes and natural scenery. The historic village maintains its old world feel and offers insight into one of Lithuania’s religious minorities, the Karaim. You can easily take a day trip to Trakai from the Lithuanian capital using public transportation.

Red brick Trakai Castle in Lithuania
Photo 239026344 © Giovanni Gagliardi | Dreamstime.com


Palanga and Sventoji, two neighboring towns, are popular as resort towns for those who want to take advantage of the sea. Located on the coast of Lithuania, this city has a famous pier perfect for watching the sun set, a museum dedicated to Baltic amber and good cultural and food scenes. If you plan to visit Palanga, it’s best to plan well in advance. Many Lithuanians take their annual vacations here and book for the summer season early so they can secure their favorite accommodation.

The sun sets behind a pier on the Baltic Sea


Nida is a town on the Curonian Spit, across the lagoon from Klaipeda. Once a fisherman’s village, this cute little town of colorful houses, beautiful gardens, smoked fish vendors, and beautiful coastline provides access to the dunes of the Curonian Spit. It’s another summer retreat for many Lithuanians, so to stay here requires advance planning. However, if you’re in Klaipeda, you can visit for a day by taking the ferry.

Red house with boat in front
Photo 228384153 © Makasanaphoto | Dreamstime.com


Klaipeda is a coastal town known for its pretty center and access to the Curonian Spit by ferry. This romantic seaside city hosts festivals and events year-round, and it can be accessed from Vilnius via direct train route. It’s one of the best Lithuanian cities if you love coastal towns and seaports.

port with cruise ship and hotel
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Siauliai is best known for being the access point for Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses, which is a major must-see attraction. The bus from Vilnius stops in Siauliai, and in the town you can grab a bite to eat or have a stroll before making your way to the Hill of Crosses.

Low angle view of church spire with tulips
Photo 220495205 © Eval Miko | Dreamstime.com


Among the best Lithuanian cities, Druskininkiai is known for its spas. This beautifully landscaped town is full of fountains and architecture from various eras.

People have been coming here since tsarist times to enjoy the benefits of the mineral waters and healing mud Druskininkiai is known for. Today, spa treatments and medical therapies continue to be at the core of what draws people here, but healthy air, cleansing nature, and a general atmosphere of relaxation also recommend it as a destination.

When you visit Druskininkai, be sure to check out nearby Grutas Park, Lithuania’s Soviet statue park.

A child plays by a round fountain with trees in the background


Birstonas, like Druskininkiai, is one of the best Lithuanian cities for visitors and is known for its spa culture. Visitors can choose from more modern spa centers or those with a long history in the town. The town is also characterized by shady, landscaped squared, accessible nature, and a river promenade.

Be sure to taste the mineral water that originates from its source in Birstonas, which is bottled and sold throughout Lithuania.

20th-century Birstonas building


Anyksciai, located on the Sventoji River, is a sweet little town in a region of national parkland. One of the main attractions here is the treetop walking path, which gives you serene views of the surrounding forest. You’ll also encounter manor houses, a railway museum, and a labyrinth.

Aerial view of forest observation tower in Anyksciai, Lithuania
Photo 213637235 / Anyksciai © MNStudio | Dreamstime.com


Though the city of Ignalina doesn’t have a great variety of attractions, the surrounding region, one of lakes, will not disappoint. Parks, villages, manor houses, as well as the requisite observation towers are some of what you can explore in the region. The Ignalina nuclear power plant in is also popular as the site for filming the Chernobyl miniseries, though tours should be booked well in advance.

Green park with lake in the background
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Though it isn’t often a part of traveler itineraries, Marijampole is one of many Lithuanian cities with a rich heritage—its connection with the Lithuanian language is highlighted by the monument in the central square and the park dedicated to poetry. Its public spaces are decorated with fanciful murals and sculptures, and its riverbank and historic center are picturesque.

A blue mural of swimmers


Kedainiai is one of the most charming Lithuanian cities and has an intriguing multicultural past. It wasn’t only Lithuanians and Poles who contributed to its development—Russians, Germans, Jews, and even Scots were integral to life here. The cultural life of the city is evident, and it may be worth taking a guided tour to get the most out of your visit.

People walk down a street lined with historic buildings


Plunge is a lovely town in western Lithuania with lots of history to explore. Whether you’re interested in manor houses, Cold War history, Jewish history or learning about some of Lithuania’s historical figures, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Plunge.

The center of town offers a manor house, which is now a museum, and the surrounding park. Explore the area north of Plunge to learn about Lithuanian folk art or visit the Cold War Museum, one of the best Soviet sites in Lithuania.

Red brick manor house in a park in Plunge, Lithuania
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Vilkaviskis is closely associated with Joseph Basinavicius, one of the signatories of the 1918 Lithuanian Declaration of Independence. In addition to a museum and oakery dedicated to this important figure, you’ll find various historic mounds and a manor in the vicinity.

Field with church in the background
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Vilkija is a sweet little town in Lithuania on the Nemunas River. It is notable for its winding streets lined by wooden houses, its lookout over the river, and an ethnographic museum with an eclectic personality. It’s one of those Lithuanian cities that will stick in your memory even when you focus your travels on larger destinations.

Aerial view of Vilkija church, town, and river
Photo 191565966 © Audrius Merfeldas | Dreamstime.com


Ziezmariai may be an unexpected element on this list—not many people know it. However, with its small town center, complete with wooden synagogue and cultural center, it has loads of character. It’s perfect for stopping by on your way to explore more of Lithuania. It’s one of those Lithuanian cities that often gets overlooked but still makes a wonderful stop on your greater exploration of the country.

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