An A to Z of Lithuanian Clothing Brands

If you’re in Lithuania looking for clothing from local designers, it may be difficult to know where to start. After all, you may not have much experience with the Lithuanian clothing brands available or know where to find them.

However, the world of Lithuanian fashion gets more interesting by the year as creative professionals with an eye on trends produce clothing items and accessories that make great practical souvenirs of your trip to Lithuania or staple choices for your wardrobe, whether for every day, evening, cold weather, or at home. Natural fabrics such as Lithuanian linen, wool, and silk are often central to brands.

Pink linen scarf of Lithuanian clothing brand Balta Balta

While the list below is not exhaustive, this A to Z of Lithuanian clothing brands will give you an introduction to the world of Lithuanian fashion. Some of them are easy to find in city center outlets; others are better ordered online. Furthermore, most have strong social media presences, so you can follow the release of new lines and products and keep up to date with what’s new with each manufacturer.

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Adatyte’s lineup consists of cozy sweatshirts and sweatshirt dresses as well as linen pieces that call to mind fall hikes, winter evenings at home, and luxurious weekends with nothing to do. Bright, bold colors make this designer a standout in Lithuanian fashion, which often leans to grays and beiges. This is clothing so wearable you won’t have to think about it—good-quality fabrics mean that there isn’t anything “precious” about the pieces, but you’ll still look great wearing them.

Paneriug. 45a, Vilnius


Adrika is a feminine clothing brand with a bit of sass. Tailored dresses, fully pleated skirts, and ladylike coats make up the core of seasonal lines. The pieces can often go from day to evening, and they are versatile enough to be worn with statement jewelry and sneakers or more classic accessories such as a pearl necklace and kitten heels.

Fabijoniskiu g. 2, Vilnius

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Aimi – Aida Milasiute

Try Aimi for easy-wearing blouses, coats, and graphic t-shirts. Aimi embodies a sense of fun with pieces easily worked into your wardrobe.

Raitininku g. 4, Vilnius


Alpacos specializes in luxurious sweaters, coats, and winter accessories made from alpaca wool. The pieces are high-quality classics that can be dressed up or down and are perfect for Northern winters. The Alpacos shop on Saviciaus Street is a joy to shop—spacious and minimal, it lets you appreciate the fine beauty of the fabric in subtle colors.

Saviciaus g. 5, Vilnius


Atella is all about options. From breezy summer dresses to office wear to pieces perfect for weekend brunch, this Lithuanian clothing brand knows its stuff. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Atella launched both a merino wool loungewear set that beautiful and luxurious enough to entertain in and classic and beautiful pajama sets.

Atsikeli ir varai

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other garments—some with the brand’s signature horse head silhouette—as well as trendy footwear for urban life are the foundation of this Lithuanian clothing maker. The name, which means “wake up and go” in English, symbolizes the ease that the clothing designer wants her products to reflect.

Balta Balta

Balta Balta is heaven for those who appreciate miracles of the natural world. Luxurious natural fabrics—cotton, wool, silk, and linen—are dyed using plants and trees to create stunning pieces that showcase a respect for the environment, traditional dye techniques, and hand production. Each piece, therefore, is unique. The shop off of Pilies Street is packed full of scarves, bags, tops, and other items, and the shopkeepers are always willing to help explain the dye techniques that go into the pieces. Balta Balta is indeed a very special place for choosing one-of-a-kind souvenirs from Lithuania.

Pilies g. 32, Vilnius

Bliss by Violeta

Bliss by Violeta is fashionable clothing for everyday wear. With a wide range of options from loungewear to clothing appropriate for a professional setting, this Lithuanian clothing brand is full of personality but accessible too.

Coat Creators

Lithuanians know how to make stylish outerwear, and this characteristic is embodied by Coat Creators. Kaunas-based Coat Creators understands you may need a different type of coat—long or short, tailored or flowy—for season, mood, and weather but that you shouldn’t have to make compromises when it comes to how you look.


Egzotique is a made-to-order lingerie designer of pretty, feminine, and comfortable underwear. Specify your measurements when you order a bra for the perfect fit. Garments are shipped in beautifully scented packaging decorated with dried flowers, and communication about your order is excellent. The pieces may seem price at 60 euros or more per item, but the perfect fit, high quality, and comfort make the price well-justified.

Jaksto g. 9, Vilnius


D.EFECT “celebrates the beauty of imperfection” with oversized blazers, asymmetry, ruffles, and other elements that make each piece a statement piece. If you’re into attention-getting clothing that strikes the tone of the unexpected, you may want to check out D.EFECT.

Ducktail Raincoats

Ducktail Raincoats is a beloved Lithuanian raincoat designer that answers the problem of wet weather with practicality and fashion in mind. Lovely color options, different lengths, and interesting details make these water- and weatherproof jackets pieces that you will travel with and wear for years to come.

Flow Femme

Flow Femme is aptly named with its flowy, breezy clothing that rests lightly on the skin and moves with the body. The muted tones are easy to incorporate into a capsule wardrobe or mix and match with other pieces.

Subaciaus g. 17, Vilnius


Grizas is a well-established Lithuanian clothing company with every woman in mind. Linen and silk in rich colors are worked into smart cropped pants, flowing jackets, or dresses that swing with every movement. A wide range of sizes takes into account different body types. Grizas clothing looks effortless, but each detail is carefully considered for a sometimes funky, sometimes cute, sometimes elegant look.


Happeak sounds like “happy” for a reason—sweatshirts you’ll never want to take off, practical dresses for every season, and other loungewear-type garments in soft, flattering colors will weather all types of treatment and travel with you well. Regular sales increase Happeak’s affordability. Happeak prides itself on being a sustainable Lithuanian-made clothing brand.

Outlet in Europa shopping center in Vilnius


Jure is a sustainable, family-owned handmade lingerie company that uses Lithuanian-made fabrics. Each piece is made to order with a focus on beauty and comfort.


Labadiena is undeniably recognizable. With its signature phrase, it says “hello” or “good day” in Lithuanian and combines modernity and tradition to create pieces that are unmistakably Lithuanian but wearable wherever you happen to be in the world.

Lacy Linen

Lacy Linen is oh-so-pretty linen undergarments and nightwear made special with beautiful details and soft color options. While linen, because it does not stretch, may seem to be an unusual choice for lingerie, its breathability and durability make it a good choice for panties, bras, and pajamas, particularly in hot weather!


LinenFox is not joking with its incredible selection of made-to-order linen tops, bottoms, dresses, and jackets in a range of colors to fit any mood or preference. LinenFox makes high-quality clothing that is nothing if not effortless. Both light and heavyweight linen options mean that you can choose garments well-suited to any season so you can wear the fabric that’s a favorite in the Baltic countries all year round.


Mezges is all about knitwear. Lithuanian-made from Italian yarn, these pieces are timeless and versatile.

Sv. Stepono g. 19, Vilnius

My Linen Soul

My Linen Soul, based online, is a Lithuanian clothing brand that makes beautiful, wearable linen knits. Feminine, flirty, and great for summer, the tops, dresses, hats, and nightwear in the collection make cherished and versatile additions to every wardrobe.

My Linen Soul on Etsy

Detail of pink and blue knit blouses from My Linen Soul

Nuit de Reve

Nuit de Reve is elegant, feminine nightwear and boudoir wear, with velour robes, satin nighties, classic pajama sets, and see-through and feather detailing.

OFFON Clothing

OFFON clothing is a family-owned Lithuanian fashion brand that is fun, flirty, and colorful. It will make you think of strolling through sunflower fields, going on a picnic, enjoying a sunset at the beach, summer afternoons, or any other careless day full of pleasant memories.

Pillow and Pajamas

Pillow and Pajamas is one of several Lithuanian clothing brands specializing in sleepwear. Pajama sets, nightgowns, and robes in a variety of colors make up this clothing maker’s line. You’ll find the friendly owners of Pillow and Pajamas over at Etsy.

Pillow and Pajamas on Etsy

Pink and purple linen nightgowns by Pillow and Pajamas

Reda Couture

Reda Couture is all about creativity and concept. Eveningwear and accessories are runway perfect and sure to turn heads and spark conversations (in a good way!).

Algirdo g. 7-2, Vilnius

Ramune Piekautaite

Ramune Piekautaite occupies a special place in the local style scene. This Lithuanian high-fashion brand creates on-point pieces that reflect personality and the love of a unique silhouette. Visit the Didzioji Street shop—occupying a place among international luxury fashion brands—to browse current selections.

Robi Agnes

Robiagnes is a sustainable knitwear brand that’s fun and wearable. Pair with jeans for the weekend or slacks or skirt for a workday. You’ll be cozy as well as stylish.

A. Juozapaviciaus g. 9a, Vilnius


Salanida is a Nida-based, made-to-order knitwear studio that will have you coming back for more. Incredibly soft, lovingly knitted, and embodying a modern aesthetic, Salanida sweaters are not your grandmother’s sweaters.

Son de Flor

Son de Flor specializes in flirty dresses in natural fabrics that will last for years and can go from daytime to evening. A generous range of sizes means that this clothing brand, in addition to being sustainable, also seeks to be accessible for a variety of body types. 

Tauri Look

Tauri Look has a focus on professional clothing that will take a career woman from year to year with classic cuts and color choices. Tailored blazers, blouses, and skirts take you from board meeting to business lunch to after-work cocktails.

The Knotty Ones

The Knotty Ones produces modern sweaters that are hand knit by workers throughout Lithuania. Sustainability and fair wages are at the center of the brand.

Top to Bottom

Top to Bottom is an innovative Lithuanian clothing brand. Blouses, dresses, and even swimwear is given ultimate versatility with clever cuts and the use of ties. Though you may need to watch video tutorials to understand all the ways each piece can be worn, you’ll be pleased that many different garments seemingly materialize out of one purchase. In that way, Top to Bottom is magic!

Snipiskiu g. 2, Vilnius


Undress specializes in dresses with modern silhouettes, including bridal dresses.

Tribe by Marina and Donata

Tribe specializes in hand-dyed silk garments that will make you say “wow.” These garments work with a woman’s body for elegant silhouettes.


Who’she is inspired by women’s individuality. Handmade clothing from this Lithuanian designer is focused on comfort and beauty.

Lazdynu 21, Vilnius


Vujvuj produces handmade silk nightwear, including sleep masks, pajama tops and bottoms, and slips.

Jaksto g. 9-380

Where to Try and Buy Lithuanian-made Clothing

While some Lithuanian clothing brands have their own retail outlets, others are online only. However, some shops focusing on Lithuanian-made products carry some of the brands named above. You’ll find some brands represented in Old Town Vilnius and city centers in Kaunas and Klaipeda, for example.—With outlets in GO9 and other shopping centers such as Panorama, is a great place to shop for clothing and other products by Lithuanian designers.—You can hit up shops in Panorama, Akropolis, and other shopping centers. These shops have a mix of Lithuanian and European brands.

Balta Miskas—Find Lithuanian and other Baltic brands at this boutique at Raugyklos g. 6 in Vilnius.

Seasonal pop-up markets and the Design Square that appears at outdoor festivals are also great opportunities for exploring Lithuanian designers!

Finally, even if you aren’t in Lithuania—or if you have second thoughts about leaving a shop without making a purchase—most Lithuanian clothing brands will ship worldwide.