Lithuanian Linen: Long Tradition, Everyday Luxury

Linen is one of the most useful and beautiful items you can pick up when you visit Lithuania—indeed, you can find it throughout the Baltic states. Next to Baltic amber, It will likely also be one of your most cherished souvenirs because it’s a durable, natural fabric that is easy to care for.

Even Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing a white Lithuanian-made dress of this fabric! So what do you need to know about Lithuanian linen and shopping for linen?

Made in Lithuania stamp on linen
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Sustainable Fabric

Linen is a natural product made from flax, which has long been cultivated in the region. As consumers become more interested in sustainability and purchasing biodegradable, earth-friendly products, linen or linen-blend fabrics become increasingly seen in the lines of mainstream fashion stores.

Local Production

However, it often comes at a high price point! Linen in Lithuania can still be costly, but it is often less costly than linen purchased elsewhere because it’s produced right in Lithuania. It’s also typically unadulterated with unsustainable fibers or decorations—Lithuanian linen designers prefer to showcase the purity of the fabric with simple styles and minimal embellishment.

What to Look for

When you shop for Lithuanian linen, look for soft, pre-washed linen. Some linen that has been printed with attractive patterns feels stiff and has been produced to appeal to shoppers who want to buy a quick gift or who don’t know how to differentiate different grades of quality.

The good stuff is soft, breathable, and subtly luxurious. While it wrinkles easily, it dries easily, too, making it the perfect summertime fabric.

Detail of pink Lithuanian linen chemise

Look for these Lithuanian linen items when you shop:

  • Linen scarves: Affordable, versatile, easy to gift and pack
  • Linen pajamas: Treat yourself to a two-piece set or a linen nightdress for lounging luxury.
  • Linen bathrobe: Step out of the shower and envelop yourself in soft fabric that dries in an instant.
  • Linen clothing: Different designers have various takes on linen clothing, with some clothing lines more classic and others more trendy—Lithuania is represented by both types, but they know how to work with the fabric in such a way that the unique characteristics of linen are showcased, whether that means embracing a slouchy, casual look or creating flowing designs that enable plenty of body movement.
  • Linen tableware: Napkins, tablecloths, runners, and coasters create the perfect table setting, especially when you mix and match complementary colors or patterns.
  • Linen sheets: With a full set of fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet cover, and two pillowcases running 500 EUR or more, you may initially think twice about making such a large purchase. However, linen sheets are most definitely worth it—they are soft, temperature regulating, and easy to care for, not to mention beautiful! Do note, however, that a full set will also add significant weight to your luggage.

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Linen Tales store in Vilnius

Benefits of Linen

Linen has many benefits that make it a beautiful fabric for clothing or the home:

  • It dries easily, meaning it is good for summertime clothing. However, you can take linen clothing or sheets out of the wash and hang them up, and they will be dry in much less time a cotton item would be.
  • It’s durable. Linen lasts and lasts through years of wear and washing.
  • It’s beautiful. Linen acquires character over time, maintaining its color and integrity while becoming softer.
  • It’s natural and sustainable. People have been using linen, a plant-based fabric, for centuries, and while modern technologies make it easier to process flax into fabric, what hasn’t changed is that flax is a hearty plant that doesn’t require a lot of water and this fabric is biodegradable.
  • It’s breathable and comfortable. Linen moves with your body and lets your skin breathe, whether you’re snuggled under linen sheets or wearing your favorite linen shirt to a picnic.
natural Lithuanian linen yarn
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Where to Buy Lithuanian Linen

So, how do you find the best linen when you’re in Lithuania? For reliable quality linen, check out the following shops.

Linen Tales

Linen Tales has two shops in Old Town Vilnius—one on Stikliu g. and the other on Bernadinu g. Linen Tales’s line is a modern approach to linen and its napkins, towels, and tablecloths would feel at place in any contemporary kitchen. Go for muted tones, neutrals, or lovely prints. If what you want isn’t at the shop, you can order online and have your purchase delivered for pickup in store.

Balta Balta

Balta Balta is a charming shop just off of Didzioji g. near Vilnius Town Hall Square that focuses on garments dyed by hand from natural plant dyes. The silk, cotton, and linen garments, scarves, and bags there are unique pieces made with pride, and the staff there is happy to tell you about the background of each piece. You’ll love browsing the selection and have a difficult time choosing.

Linen Fox

Linen Fox is an online store that specializes in linen clothing. Each order comes with an envelope of color swatches, and because the items are made to order, you can ask for adjustments, such as a shorter hem or shorter sleeves, when you purchase. Wrap dresses, airy pants, effortless blouses, and go-anywhere skirts are only some of what Linen Fox offers.


Jurate can also be found just off of Didzioji g. off of Rotuse Square in Old Town Vilnius. The high-quality products here have, again, a modern sensibility. The woven linen and leather bags that are one of this shop’s signature products are eye-catching, well-made, and admiration-worthy additions to any wardrobe, and oversized, light-as-air scarves add elegance to your outfit.

Woven linen clutch and bag with brand "Jurate" stamped on it

Not Perfect Linen (Online Only)

Not Perfect Linen makes timeless, wearable piece that can be mixed and matched. This family-owned business has a strong focus on sustainability. It also wants to show off the beauty of linen and encourage people to embrace its natural, slightly wrinkled, more-beautiful-with-age state.

Lacy Linen (Online Only)

Lacy Linen is a Lithuanian linen lingerie company. It specializes in linen panties, bras, and pajamas with delicate details. Lacy Linen also prides itself in making underwear for all body shapes and sizes.

My Linen Soul (Online Only)

My Linen Soul creates beautiful Lithuanian linen garments, many of them out of semi-sheer knitted fabric perfect for summer or the beach. These breathable pieces can be worn as they are or layered for a more modest look.

Epic Linen (Online Only)

Epic Linen has an epic selection of Lithuanian linen accessories for the interior and clothing. You can stock your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom with beautiful linen cloth in a color scheme of your choice. You can even order fabric for your own projects.

Linen Sheep

Linen Sheep has an online shop and a retail outlet in J. Jablonskio g. 13 outlet in Kaunas. Easy-to-wear fashion is characteristic of this linen clothing maker.

Napping Bear

Napping Bear is another Kaunas-based shop. Its Lithuanian linen loungewear features fun, bold prints in bright colors for men and women.

Pillow and Pajamas (Online Only)

Pillow and Pajamas focuses on loungewear, pajama sets, and nightgowns that are easy to wear and come in a range of colors, all from Lithuanian linen.

Off On Clothing (Online Only)

Off On Clothing is a sustainable clothing label specializing in natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. Flowy tea and sundresses, easy-wearing blouses, and trousers make up the brand’s growing selection. Each piece is handmade to order.

Son de Flor

Son de Flor is well-known due to its strong social media marketing campaign. Based in Kaunas, this company makes beautiful and feminine dresses that are updated versions of last-century styles. Think circle skirts, peter-pan collars, and ruffles in just the right place.