Selfish: One of Vilnius’s Most Popular Dinner Spots

Selfish opened a couple of years ago on Vilniaus Street, popular for its various bars and other eateries. Since then, this seafood restaurant has only increased in popularity. Reservations are a must, even in the summer, when many people choose restaurants with outside seating (Selfish has room for only a couple of street-side tables). Even now, when the restaurant has considerably expanded by claiming the space of a neighboring property to double its capacity, the restaurant is often fully booked.


“Selfish” is a play on “shellfish” and, likely, our self-interested, self-indulgent culture, and the restaurant lives up to its name. The menu is about 90% seafood and strives for simple decadence. It’s known for its oysters, but you’ll also be tempted by mussels, tuna, octopus, and other mainstays of ocean cuisine. Seasonal selections may also be on offer. Diners who avoid fish will have few selections—a couple of salads and some sides are the only non-seafood choices.


The sparkling wine section is well-developed, with a couple types of Champagne and crémant served by the glass, as well as a full wine menu for those who want to order by the bottle. The cocktails are also killer—I recommend the gin and tonic, which comes in a generously sized goblet and is made with artisanal tonic water and your choice of gin.

Because Selfish is so popular, you will sometimes feel like you’ve been crammed into a table—forgive the pun—like sardines in a can. Two-person tables feel a bit stingy in size once dishes are served. Noise levels increase when the restaurant is crowded, which means having an intimate conversation is difficult, so save any secrets you want to share for another time. But if you’re looking for a social, upbeat atmosphere, albeit with low lighting and a chic ambiance, Selfish is your place to go.

My favorite dish is the tuna tataki from the cold starter menu. It’s big enough to share if you and your dining companion order additional dishes, but it’s also substantial enough as a light meal, especially when paired with Selfish’s oh-so-delicious fries, which are served piping hot with seasoned mayo and are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The mussels, which may be ordered with different sauces such as white wine and Thai, are also a reliable option. The portion is generous (also good for sharing) and is served with fries (though you may not want to share those). Sometimes the restaurant runs out of mussels if it is especially busy, so if you’re considering what to order in advance, have a backup option.

Service at Selfish is reasonably good, with waiters engaged and frequently present. Table water may even be refilled without you having to ask which—if you’ve dined at Vilnius restaurants—you know isn’t the norm.

Selfish doesn’t open for lunch; it’s strictly dinner, opening at 5 pm on weekdays and 2 pm on weekends and working rather late for Vilnius restaurants—11 pm on weekdays and 1am on weekends. It’s happy hour, however, makes up for the limited hours of operation. Monday through Thursday, from 5 pm to 6 pm, you can order two-for-one crémant and oysters, which is great for kicking back after the workday or catching up with friends.