A Guide to the Best Souvenirs from Lithuania

If you’re traveling to the Baltics, you may be curious about what the best souvenirs from Lithuania are.

Lithuania produces a wide range of unique products, from home-grown food and drink to local design to folk art. An item from any one of these categories is sure to make a memorable souvenir, thoughtful gift, or lovely addition to your home or wardrobe.

Local Design

Local design in Lithuania is hot! Various fashion boutiques, brand-dedicated kiosks, and design markets offer products designed and produced in Lithuania. These products typically have shoppers looking for contemporary style for their home or wardrobe in mind.


Lithuanian candles range from odorless beeswax candles to candles scented with natural oils. Many Lithuanian candle brands are well-loved in Lithuania and abroad. In addition to candles, oil diffusers, wax melts, and home sprays are often a part of Lithuanian candle brand lines.

Yellow beeswax taper candles for sale
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Lithuanian linen is one of the best Lithuanian souvenirs you can buy. It’s beautiful, durable, natural, and sustainable. Whether you’re purchasing linen napkins or sheets for the home or wardrobe staples such as linen blouses, you’ll fall in love with the ease and elegance of this fabric.

Baltic Amber

Baltic amber, found on the coast of the Baltic sea, is often golden or yellow in color and worked into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Baltic amber in Lithuania is often set in silver, but you can also find it in gold, strung onto leather, or incorporated into magnets and other souvenirs.  

Wooden Utensils and Kitchenware

Lithuanian-made wooden kitchenware and utensils are ubiquitous at outdoor markets. These hand-produced items (think serving spoons, cutting boards, coasters, and compartmentalized serving dishes) are useful gifts and souvenirs that are also easy to pack for the journey home.

Wooden Lithuanian souvenirs--utensils and cannisters
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Handmade Soaps

Lithuanians value using natural materials in their products, and handmade soaps are no exception. Scented with natural oils, herbs, or spices, these soaps are as nice to your skin as they are to smell.

Lithuanian handmade soaps for sale
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Lithuanian-made ceramic products reflect the personality of their creators. You’ll find useful and classic designs, fun and funky figurines and dishes, and elaborate and beautiful pieces of art.

Choose a serving dish or mug to take home with you, or snag one of the hanging ceramic mobiles that craftspeople make and sell at fairs.

Black ceramic is another form of ceramic that makes one of the best Lithuanian souvenirs. Created using an ancient technique, black ceramic has a dull, metallic sheen. Some ceramicists using this technique take advantage of the dark background to add touches of colored glaze, which stands out in striking contrast.

Also look for ceramic with traditional geometric designs. These beautiful pieces would not be out of place during an outdoor picnic or hanging on a wall in a cottage.

Ceramic windchimes for sale at a market
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Folk Art Lithuanian Souvenirs

Lithuanian folk art incorporates traditional designs and color palettes with objects reflecting the folk culture of Lithuania. Some types of folk art are merely decorative, while others can be worn or used to brighten up interior spaces.

Decorated Eggs

Lithuanian Easter eggs have their roots in Baltic paganism. Though often associated with Easter, their origins lie in pre-Christian times, when they were used for “magical” purposes—for protection or luck, for example.

That’s why Lithuanian decorated eggs are not simply lovely elements of seasonal decoration—the patterns that they bear represent generations’ worth of cultural heritage.

Brightly colored Lithuanian Easter eggs
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Wrist Warmers

Beaded wrist warmers are an example of folk design that can be easily incorporated into a winter wardrobe. These wrist bands are typically knitted and slightly stretchy—they are meant to fit close to the wrist and be worn peeking out from beneath long sleeves.

Easter Palms

Easter palms, or verbos, are joyful compositions of dried grass and flowers, bound together in a sort of wand-like shape. These arrangements are taken to church on Palm Sunday to be blessed, but then they may be placed in the home for decoration.

You’ll find Easter palms of all sizes, from tiny to huge. Some are round and fluffy, and others are elongated and elegant. They come in bold color combinations or subtle, earthy hues.

They are particularly prevalent at Kaziukas Fair, where vendors by the dozens offer Easter Palms they have been making well in advance for this very event.

Dried flower souvenirs from Lithuania
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Woven Belts

Lithuanian woven belts or sashes are inspired by Lithuanian folk costume. These bright accessories are typically sold at outdoor markets.

Food Souvenirs from Lithuania

While you must be careful about what types of edible souvenirs you take home with you due to import regulations of your country of origin, various Lithuanian food products make excellent souvenirs and gifts.

Stay away from perishable or farm items such as meat products, and be mindful of your country’s customs limits for alcohol.

The following food and drink may make good souvenirs of your trip to Lithuania:


Honey is a part of many Lithuanian traditional dishes—one recipe even calls for cucumbers to be dipped in honey. Whether you dip cucumbers in the honey you buy from Lithuania is your call. Otherwise, it’s delicious on bread, in tea, or with yogurt.

Jars of honey of various sizes
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Lithuanian tree cake, or sakotis, is a cake that is turned on a spit as batter is poured on in layers. The result is a hollow, spiky cake. You’ll find versions packaged for travel at supermarkets and outdoor markets.

Spikey cake packaged in clear wrap
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Visitors to Lithuania are often eager to try locally brewed beer. If you find a favorite, you can buy a couple of bottles to take home and either savor on your own or share with friends.

Fruit wine

Lithuania produces berry and fruit wines that are sweeter than grape wine varieties. You can try Lithuanian berry wine in restaurants featuring local Lithuanian cuisine. However, if you want to buy a bottle of this wine, head to one of the larger wine and liquor shops.

Herbal Tea

Lithuanians love their herbal tea. Melissa, chamomile, peppermint, thyme, and even carraway herbal teas are healthy tea alternatives readily found in Lithuania. Various blends of these and other herbal teas are produced in Lithuania and sold packaged in individual tea bags or as loose-leaf teas. Skonis ir Kvapas is a good place to find Lithuanian-made teas. You can also find various blends at 7 Ievos Namai on Vokieciu Street in Vilnius.

Lithuanian tea for sale
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Apple Cheese

Apple cheese is a sweet pressed dessert-like food made of apples, sugar, and spices. Served with tea or as part of a cheese plate, it makes a nice contrast to savory foods. Apple cheese is easy to pack, will withstand being carried in luggage, and will appeal to a wide variety of palates.

Where to Buy Souvenirs from Lithuania

You’ll be able to find many Lithuanian souvenirs in the main tourist areas of towns. For example, Pilies Street in Vilnius has many souvenir shops, linen shops, and amber shops.

Lithuanian souvenirs—including edible ones—can also be found at seasonal outdoor markets sold directly by the people who make them. Large supermarkets and bio markets sometimes carry traditionally or locally made food and drink, as well.

Christmas markets in Vilnius are also great places to pick up souvenirs and gifts.

Boutique shops and design shops also sell Lithuanian-made goods. Check out Locals.lt in the Gedimino 9 shopping center for a good selection.

Of course, you can always shop for souvenirs from Lithuania online. Many artisans have web pages or sell through sites such as Etsy. Others can be contacted through their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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