Vilnius in April: Best Events and Tips

If April showers bring May flowers, that can certainly be true for Vilnius. However, April snows are also possible! The potential for a long Northern winter doesn’t have to dissuade you from traveling to Vilnius during this month, though. Discover the Vilnius in April during the spring off-season for fond memories and enjoyable experiences.

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Holidays and Events

Springtime cheer is integral to Vilnius’s April calendar of events. The warming weather means people gather outside more often and restaurant terraces may begin to spring up. Discover what Vilnius has to offer through the following events and holidays.

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Uzupis Independence Day on April 1

Uzupis is a self-proclaimed “republic” that is in fact a part of Old Town Vilnius but has long been known as a neighborhood of artists. Though Uzupis is, these days, a bit posh and commands high real estate prices, it maintains its quirky character.

The constitution of Uzupis has been translated into various languages and can be read by guests to the district. April 1—which, of course, coincides with April Fool’s Day—is Uzupis’s day of celebration. You’ll have to pass “border control” to enter it on this day, but once you do, you’ll be able to join in the general revelry organized for Uzupis’s independence day.

Physics Day/FiDi

Held in early April, FiDi is a university student tradition. The first of these days was held in 1969, and they have been an opportunity for physics students to express their creativity and spirit. One of the most notable aspects of this day is a demonstration of physics students and alumni accompanied by a large model of a dinosaur.


Easter often falls in April, though Catholic Easter is celebrated a week before Orthodox Easter, and Vilnius has members of both faiths keeping up their respective Easter traditions. Called Velykos, Lithuanians celebrate by coloring Easter eggs called marguciai, enjoy large family dinners, and perhaps visit graves.

Open House Vilnius

Open House Vilnius is Vilnius’s beloved festival of architecture. Peek inside buildings typically closed to the public, discover historic details, and learn about the architectural evolution of the city. While it is free, pre-booking may be required for some buildings featured in the festival.

Blossoming of the cherry trees

Around April or May, Vilnius’s cherry trees start to blossom, most notably those near the National Art Gallery in the Chiune Sugihara cherry tree park. Cherry trees also grow on Mykolas Romeris University campus and in Vilnius University’s botanical garden.

For concerts, gallery shows, demonstrations and workshops, theater performances, walking tours, and other events, visit, which is an excellent and up-to-date resource about what’s happening around town.

A family looks over the railing at a vantage point over the city of Vilnius
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Things to Do in Vilnius in April

Looking for things to do for April travel to Vilnius? Consider the following ideas. You may also want to explore a more extensive list of things to do in Vilnius.

Take photos

April is a great month for taking photos around Vilnius. The fresh spring air, the just-budding trees, the potential for blue sky, and the increasing human activity make for plenty of opportunities to capture moments that express the vitality of the city.

Browse a bookstore

Vilnius’s bookstores offer a mix of Lithuanian books and those in other languages. Check out the English language sections for travel books and cookbooks. Or visit the used bookstore Mint Vinetu, the artsy coffee table bookstore Humanitas, or Eureka bookstore near the university for books in English.

Enjoy outdoor seating

Outdoor dining is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Vilnius in the warm weather. Whether secluded outdoor yards or a couple of tables by the street, if Vilnius’s restaurants have the ability to offer outdoor seating, they certainly will.



Weather in Vilnius in April is typically above freezing, though some cooler days may blow through. Rain is likely, as are overcast days. And while winter snows are hopefully in the past, nothing is guaranteed—it’s still possible this late in the year!


How to Dress

You will be most comfortable in long sleeves, though you may be able to remove your jacket on warmer days. It’s time to leave the wool socks behind, however. While it’s always smart to have a pair of shoes will keep your feet dry in the rain, April does offer some sneaker weather.

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