Vilnius in August: Best Events and Tips

Take advantage of the end of the hottest time of the year in Lithuania when you choose August to travel to Vilnius. Vilnius in August is great for sightseeing within the city limits, taking breaks in nature in its outskirts, and visiting some of Lithuania’s best-loved attractions.

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August Annual Events and Holidays

Vilnius in August is full of outdoor events where attendees enjoy history, Lithuanian culture, and entertainment. If you love spending time outside, it’s one of the best times to visit Vilnius.

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The Christopher Festival: The Kristupos, or Christopher, Festival is a music festival that runs through much of summer and takes advantage of various Vilnius venues, both indoor and outdoor ones.

Amber Trip: This international exposition of all things amber takes place at Litexpo and features amber jewelry and amber specimens from around the world. Of course, Baltic amber is a main feature of this show. It’s a great place to find a special souvenir and learn more about amber and how it is made into wearable and statement items.

St. Bartholemew’s Fair: This outdoor market/festival is something of a Renfest in Vilnius. Though it centers around crafts, people in costume, food vendors, and entertainment are a part of this celebration of all things Medieval and Renaissance. Watch a demonstration, samples some wares, find gifts, and listen to music.

Things to Do in Vilnius in August

Enjoy weekend brunch: Vilnius’s options for brunch continue to expand, and it’s especially nice to brunch in the open air in the old town. You’ll find hearty breakfasts as well as boozy drink options to accompany your meal.

Find Vilnius’s green spaces: Escape the sun by enjoying how green the city of Vilnius is. Take a stroll in Bernadinu Park, go bike riding along the river, enjoy an afternoon at Vingis Park, or simply stop for a rest in Lukiskiu Square.

Go canoeing on the river: It’s possible to rent a canoe on the Neris River and enjoy physical activity on the water.

Visit Lavender Village: Lavender Village is a leisure attraction near Vilnius famous for its lavender fields and the products made from this fragrant plant, such as soaps and oils. You can buy a day pass and reserve a picnic basket, take advantage of the tea room there, or go early for breakfast. A lake and spa treatments increase idyllic nature of this getaway spot.

For concerts, gallery shows, demonstrations and workshops, theater performances, walking tours, and other events, visit, which is an excellent and up-to-date resource about what’s happening around town.

Also consider things to do in Vilnius that you can enjoy throughout the year, which include museum visits, tours, and shopping for Lithuanian souvenirs.


Weather for Vilnius in August sees highs that traditionally average in the 70s, though recent years have seen increases in average summer temperatures. While the weather will often be sunny during this month, sudden showers can quickly grind sightseeing to a halt. Check the weather forecast—which can change quickly—and examine weather radar maps if you’re concerned about getting soaked.

How to Dress

Lithuanian linen clothing or any clothing made for hot, humid weather is preferable for this month, along with breathable shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Protect yourself from the sun with sunglasses or hat, and be sure to wear sunscreen. You may want a change of clothing for evening dinner or events or more active clothing if you plan on spending time on the water or in the outdoors.

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