Vilnius in February: Best Events and Tips

It may seem counterintuitive to visit Vilnius in February. After all, Lithuania typically experiences deep winter during this month. However, a visit to this Baltic capital city during February has its perks.

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Events and Holidays

Lithuania’s February holidays and events make your stay memorable by highlighting elements of culture and history that you won’t experience throughout the rest of the year.

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International Cepilinas Day on February 2

If you don’t know what a cepilinas or zepelinas is, you’re in for a very Lithuanian—and very February-appropriate—treat. This filling Lithuanian food features a dumpling made of mashed potatoes that is then filled with meat or cheese. Often served in pairs, cepelinai are hearty and warming and the original Lithuanian slow food.

Restaurants serving typical Lithuanian cuisine will usually have cepelinai on their menus, but be warned—they may take some time to prepare, so make room in your schedule. Sitting down to a steaming plate of cepelinai is an experience every traveler should have, whether they visit Vilnius in February or some other month.

Valentine’s Day on February 14

The encroachment of international culture has brought Valentine’s Day to Lithuania in full force. You’ll find plenty of ways this phenomenon is reflected—from sales at flower shops to special menus at restaurants. If you have a romantic evening planned, it’s best to book early because most venues in on the celebration will welcome full houses on the night of the 14th.

Lithuanian Independence Day on February 16

Lithuania has two independence days, with the first one celebrated in February. This day marks the day that Lithuania declared its independence in 1918. Ceremonies and concerts occur this day, and of course, the Lithuanian flag is prominently and proudly displayed throughout the city.

Uzgavenes/Lithuanian Carnival

Lithuanian Carnival or Mardi Gras is known as Uzgavenes. This fun holiday recognizes Lithuania’s pagan past through the wearing of masks and the appearance of effigies representing spring and winter. On this day, it’s also typical to eat pancakes, which represent the sun. Or you might even be invited to join a Lithuanian folk dance!

For concerts, gallery shows, demonstrations and workshops, theater performances, walking tours, and other events, visit, which is an excellent and up-to-date resource about what’s happening around town.

Things to Do in Vilnius in February

If you’re looking for ways to occupy your time during your Vilnius in February, your search won’t need to take you far. Vilnius is a delightfully walkable city (though it can get icy in the winter), so you can easily explore what the city has to offer while simultaneously ducking in from the cold at the city’s numerous coffee shops and eateries.

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Concerts, opera, and theater

Culture in Lithuania is accessible and inexpensive. And while some of the most popular shows sell out weeks in advance, if you need only a single ticket or your group is small, you may luck out. Of course, it’s easy to check seat availability and see what’s playing via the or websites. In the center of town, you have the Congress Hall, the Opera and Ballet Theatre, and the National Philharmonic, and a little farther out are venues such as Compensa and Siemans Arena.

Museum visit

If staying out of the cold is your prerogative during your February stay in Vilnius, consider popping into the city’s museums. Particularly recommended is the KGB Museum, where the former KGB headquarters were located on Gedimino Ave., the Palace of the Grand Dukes on Cathedral Square, which takes you through various stages of Lithuanian history with interactive exhibits, and the MMO, a privately owned contemporary art museum focusing on local and regional artists.

Spa visit

You can, of course, take yourself to the spa to relax, pamper yourself, and enjoy some down time. Whether you’re in the mood for a massage, a wrap, a facial, or some other treatment, Vilnius’s spas have you covered. Consider Vilnius Day Spa, Azia Spa, and the spa at Kempinski Hotel for quality leisure time.

A walk in the park

Particularly after the snow has just fallen, Vilnius’s parks showcase winter’s natural beauty. Bernadinu Park near the Cathedral may be most accessible, but Vingis Park, in Zverynas is also a good option for an afternoon walk in the chilly air.



Vilnius’s February weather leans towards temperatures well below freezing, snowfall that piles up before it can melt, and either totally overcast or beautifully blue and clear skies (which appear only on the coldest, crispest days!). However, you may also need to plan for warmer and damper weather, which has occurred over the past couple of years due to the climate crisis. On the other hand, sudden dips in temperature can herald in extended periods of freezing, so Vilnius residents are kept on their toes.


How to Dress

Packing and dressing for February travel to Vilnius should consider the activities you’d like to participate in. Lithuanians take reasonable care to dress up for special occasions and concerts, for example, but they don’t go overboard. Wear comfortable, weather-proof shoes and outerwear that is versatile for various types of temperatures and degrees.

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