Vilnius in July: Best Events and Tips

Many people choose to travel to Vilnius in July. And it’s a great month to do so! The Baltic countries, including Lithuania, have milder summers than the western or southern parts of Europe, so if you’re heat averse, vacationing in Vilnius in July might be right up your alley.

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Annual July Events and Holidays

July heats up with lots of free events! It’s one of the best times to visit Vilnius.

Anniversary of the Coronation of King Mindaugas: On July 6, Lithuanians gather on the banks of the Neris River in Vilnius (near Mindaugas Bridge) for performances and the all-important singing of the national anthem at 9 pm—which Lithuanians all over the world participate in! Its’ a Lithuanian holiday that celebrates the country’s long and proud history.

Deep Rivers Run Silent film showings: During the summer, the space under Liubartis Bridge screens films. This free event is a great way to enjoy summer evenings in the open air.

SPOT Theater Festival: This free event in Vilnius in July also takes advantage of the warm weather to present open-air theater performances from Lithuania and other countries.

Street Music Day: This popular (again, free) event brings solo musicians, bands, professionals, and amateurs to the streets of Old Town Vilnius, where they perform for the crowds that inevitably gather, either as established fans, fans in the making, or merely curious audience members.

Open House Vilnius: Open House Vilnius, typically in May, temporarily moved to the summertime due to the coronavirus pandemic interfering with its spring schedule. However, this architecture festival gives you the chance to learn about Vilnius’s most interesting, most important, and most historic architecture, often from the inside, if external events do not prevent indoor gatherings.

The Christopher Festival: The Kristupos, or Christopher, Festival is a music festival that runs through much of summer and takes advantage of various Vilnius venues, both indoor and outdoor ones.

The Midsummer Festival: Another festival in Vilnius in July that focuses on various types of music, including classical, is the Midsummer Festival. These events take place in the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes and feature local and international musicians and performers.

Vilnius Carillon Festival: The carillon of the Church of St. Phillip and St. Jacob near Lukiskis Square is the star of this festival.

Things to Do in Vilnius in July

Book ahead for an outdoor concert: With the various music festivals going on throughout the summer, it’s worth it to plan a bit in advance and try to attend one or more performances during your stay in Vilnius.

Visit a lake: What Lithuania lacks in hilly terrain it makes up for in lakes. Several lakes around Vilnius are great for escaping the city heat, taking a dip, and enjoying nature.

Go to Belmontas: A visit to Belmontas is like a day trip within city limits. This restaurant and events venue is located in a park, which you can explore before or after having lunch or dinner there.

Cool off in the library or during a tour of one of Vilnius’s important landmarks: European air conditioning, when it exists at all, can be disappointing at best. However, if you’re seeking to take a break from the July heat (never guaranteed but always possible in Vilnius), try escaping to the city’s important institutions. The National Library, by the Parliament, is a good option—plenty of seating area, a café, and sometimes exhibits mean it’s a comfortable place to spend some time.

Alternatively, while you’ll have to plan ahead, you can take a tour of the Parliament building or the Presidential Palace. It’s one of the most interesting things to do in Vilnius.

For concerts, gallery shows, demonstrations and workshops, theater performances, walking tours, and other events in Vilnius in July, visit, which is an excellent and up-to-date resource about what’s happening around town.


July weather highs traditionally average in the 70s, though spikes and dips can and will occur. Summer thunderstorms and rain are also almost guaranteed. However, blue skies are often the norm, and the city feels hotter if there is no breeze.

How to Dress

Pack typical summer clothing that is breathable and loose. If you find that you’re still too warm, you can always shop for Lithuanian linen clothing and dress like the locals do. If you plan to attend an outdoor evening concert, be sure to bring a less casual option or two—Lithuanians typically do not show up to classical concerts in the same clothing they would wear for everyday/daytime activities. And, as always, bring a light jacket, sweater, or wrap for cool evenings.

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