Vilnius in June: Best Events and Tips

June is a wonderful month to visit Vilnius. The Baltic summer is excellent for exploration of the city (and indeed, Lithuania as a whole).  You’ll be able to enjoy outdoor seating at restaurants take advantage of the extended daylight hours typical to this latitude. Visit Vilnius in June to enjoy this most beautiful time of year.

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Events and Holidays

June, in all honesty, is a slow month for events and holidays. However, that just means that you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore the city of Vilnius and the country of Lithuania on your own.

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Vilnius Festival

The Vilnius Festival features music of different styles and highlights a new work by a local composer. You’ll be able to attend events related to this festival at concert halls throughout the city.

Herb Market

Vilnius hosts an outdoor market related to herbs and dried flowers. This is a time for palm readings, attending workshops, and buying products sourced from nature: teas, beeswax candles, honey, and traditional Lithuanian crafts.

Midsummer’s Day

Lithuanians can’t resist hearkening back to their pagan roots, and while the Feast of St. John refers to a Christian holiday, this event related to the summer solstice is more commonly associated with superstition and folk and herbal medicine. While the most extreme Midsummer’s Day festivities happen outside of Vilnius, you may catch some events by the riverside or in the parks that are related to this day.

Midsummer’s Day

Things to Do in Vilnius in June

The beautiful weather June typically sees means you won’t be lacking for things to do in Vilnius in June. Use the suggestions below to start your planning or visit the more extensive list of things to do in Vilnius.

Take a Day Trip from Vilnius

June is a great month for getting out of the city and into the nearby countryside! Visit nearby cities and villages, take in important historic locations, enjoy a forest hike, and see exactly what Lithuania has to offer!

Take a tour of your choice

Various themed tours are offered by guides in Vilnius. All Vilnius guides have to go through training and pass a test, so you know their knowledge is thorough and legit. Discover Jewish Vilnius, learn about Soviet-era Vilnius, take a ghost tour or one that introduces you to the legends of the city, or just take a walking tour that introduces you to the main sights.

Go on a balloon ride

Book a hot-air balloon ride for a unique view of Vilnius. Fly over the old town and wherever the wind takes you: that could be over the countryside towards Belarus or over historic locations such as Trakai. This unforgettable experience is a great summertime activity because it gets chilly when you’re so high up!

Find an outdoor concert

Open-air venues include the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes and the summer terrace on Vilniaus g., but outdoor stages are frequently assembled on squares or in other locations around the city depending upon what’s going on at the moment.

For concerts, gallery shows, demonstrations and workshops, theater performances, walking tours, and other events, visit, which is an excellent and up-to-date resource about what’s happening around town.



Weather in Vilnius in June is usually beautiful: though sunny skies and warmer temperatures signify summer, don’t be disappointed if you encounter chilly weather or a sudden shower. Temperatures may get into the 80s, but that’s rare. High 60s and 70s is more common, though these temperatures can feel especially warm on cloudless days when you’re walking around the city.


How to Dress

Cotton slacks, shorts, and skirts as well as breathable tops will be most comfortable for June travel to Vilnius. However, you should consider cooler evenings or overcast days and bring with you a light jacket or sweater. June is the perfect time to get out your sneakers or comfortable walking sandals. Don’t forget sunscreen!

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