Vilnius in May: Best Events and Tips

If you’re traveling to Vilnius in the month of May, you’ve picked a great time of year! May’s noticeably longer days, warmer temperatures, greening trees, and blooming flowers are only some of the perks of a visit to the Lithuanian capital during this month. Vilnius in May is a popular month for a visit, and it’s no wonder why.

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Holidays and Events

May is a bit thin on annual events and holidays, but something is always going on in Vilnius—whether a concert, art exhibit, performance, or film showing, so be sure to investigate your options if you’re looking to take in some culture.

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Labor Day on May 1

Labor Day is a holiday in Lithuania, so don’t be surprised if establishments are close or operating on a shortened working day. Especially if this day falls on either end of the weekend, Lithuanians will skip out of the city and enjoy the countryside. If the holiday falls on a weekday, expect people to be out and about enjoying the late spring/early summer weather.

Europe Day

Europe Day, typically the first or second week of May, is celebrated with an open-air festival of foods from Europe and other activities organized around this weekend.

Street Music Day

Street Music Day fills the old town of Vilnius with the sounds of almost any type of music you can imagine, from classical to accordion to pop. This free event draws plenty of crowds, and musicians of all levels of experience and fame are welcome to participate.

International Folklore Festival

The International Folklore Festival, also known as Skamba Skamba Kanklai, is an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to listen to traditional music, watch traditional folk dancing, and enjoy the colorful examples of national costumes worn by members of the folk troupes.

For concerts, gallery shows, demonstrations and workshops, theater performances, walking tours, and other events, visit, which is an excellent and up-to-date resource about what’s happening around town.

Things to Do in Vilnius in May

Vilnius in May offers unlimited possibilities for things to do. Use the suggestions below or have a look at a more comprehensive list of things to do in Vilnius.

Have a picnic

Grab some snacks and a blanket and head to the river banks, Vingis Park, or Bernadinu Park for a lazy afternoon picnic. Be wary of ticks, however, and do a thorough check of yourself after packing up.

Climb to the Hill of Three Crosses

The Hill of Three Crosses overlooks the old town with views particularly pretty at sunset. The climb is somewhat steep, so good shoes are important. You’ll be able to reach it by going behind the Arsenal in the Cathedral complex and ascending the slope to the top.

Shop for Amber: Baltic amber never looks so pretty than when held up to the sun. Shops around old town sell a variety of amber items, and you’ll have the chance to learn about amber and choose a special piece as a reminder of your visit to Vilnius.

Take a stroll along the river

The walk along the Neris River is pleasant, especially with the renovations that have improved the promenade.

Explore Zverynas

Zverynas is a historic neighborhood of Vilnius with lovely old wooden architecture often surrounded by gardens. You’ll see idyllic scenes of cats in windows, dogs on balconies, and nooks and crannies full of character.


Weather in Vilnius in May can be anything from cool and rainy to downright summery—think a range of 45 to 65 degrees. Rain is possible, though a bit less frequent than in other months of the year, on average. If you’re allergic to tree pollen, this month the air is particularly potent with it.

How to Dress

A jacket is important for cool mornings and evenings, as well as some days. A sweater may also work well for layering. May begins to be more comfortable for skirts and short sleeves, as well. Sneakers will suffice for exploring the city.

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