Vilnius in October: Best Events and Tips

Vilnius in October sees the slow descent into the colder season, with trees changing color or losing their leaves and the city’s green spaces going into hibernation. Days become noticeably shorter, which means the city compensates with a lively nightlife as restaurants and cafes entertain their clientele indoors rather than outdoors and cultural venues pick up steam for the winter season.

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October Annual Events and Holidays

October’s events focus strongly on music—take advantage of these festivals’ events or search for one-off concerts, performances, gallery shows, or museum exhibitions when you visit Vilnius in October. If you’re interested in Lithuanian culture, it may be one of the best times to visit Vilnius.

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GAIDA Contemporary Music Festival: This nationwide festival has over 30 years of experience in presenting everything from chamber to electronic music in venues throughout Lithuania. Of course, with Vilnius being the capital, many events associated with this festival happen here, but events affiliated with the festival taking place outside of Vilnius may offer a good opportunity to see other cities.

Inconvenient Films Human Rights Film Festival: This documentary film festival focuses on human rights, with both personal stories and broader treatments of human rights festivals a part of the repertoire. Films are shown in various venues and can also be accessed online:

Vilnius Jazz Festival: Jazz and Lithuania have a particular relationship. Seen as a subversive music style during the Soviet era, it therefore represented freedom of expression to an occupied people. The Vilnius Jazz Festival keeps up the tradition of pushing boundaries and being committed to a style that continues to enjoy a significant fanbase.

The Tai – Aš (This Is Me) Festival: This singer-songwriters’ festival welcomes both local artists and those from abroad to share music sung in their own languages. Musicians from neighboring countries and as far away as Latin American participate. The festival is hosted by the Vilnius Teachers’ House, a cultural institution and venue for events.

The cathedral and bell tower of Vilnius are set against a sunset
The warm tones of autumn set off Vilnius Cathedral. Photo by Dan-Marian-Stefan Doroghi on Unsplash

Things to Do

Visit the KGB Museum: This museum may sometimes be overlooked and under-rated; after all, it’s not a happy place. However, it is an important memorial to Lithuania’s history under the Soviet Union. Housed in the former KGB headquarters across from what used to be Vilnius’s Red Square (now Liukiskis Square), you’ll see holding cells as well as exhibitions explaining this dark point in the country’s history.

Get Cozy in a Cafe: You may want to warm your nose and fingers over a cappuccino or pot of tea, and Vilnius’s cafes—found every few steps throughout the city, it seems—have you covered. More frequently they offer food, as well. You can also ask for decaf or takeway, and most baristas speak English, so you won’t have any trouble getting your preferred beverage.

Learn about Amber: The golden tones of autumn may make you think of Baltic amber, that treasure from the Baltic Sea coast. In Vilnius, you can learn about amber at the Amber Museum. But you can also browse and shop for amber jewelry and souvenirs at shops throughout the city, particularly in the old town.

For concerts, gallery shows, demonstrations and workshops, theater performances, walking tours, and other events, visit, which is an excellent and up-to-date resource about what’s happening around town.

Be sure to check out things to do in Vilnius that you can enjoy year-round, such as galleries and museums, important sights like Gediminas Castle, and food tastings or tours.


October is a great month to travel to Vilnius if you like cooler temperatures. The fall season lends a moody atmosphere to the city, and dropping temperatures will make sightseeing refreshing even if you keep up a fast pace. Temperatures average in the 50s for October, with nights considerably cooler.

How to Dress for Vilnius in October

October begins sweater weather, so pack accordingly with breathable layers that are comfortable for daytime activities and insulating for the evenings. You may want to think about swapping sneakers for boots and higher socks and protecting hands, neck, and head if you are sensitive to the cold. October, however, makes sprucing up your look for evening easy because you neither have to bundle up nor worry about sweating through your clothing, so you can feel more relaxed when planning for dinners at nicer restaurants or concerts at the city’s venues.

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